Welcome to my website!

I am passionate about travel and want to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Why use a Travel Agent?

#1 It costs you nothing to use my services! That's right. I work for FREE. Ok, not really, I get paid by the vendor when you book through me  after you travel, but that does not sway what vendor is chosen.

#2 I will always put your best interests first to find the perfect trip that meets your desires and needs.

#3 I am a time saver. Let me do the research to find the best price, ship, hotel,  and travel dates. I will work out the fine details that may make or break your experience.

#4 I have connections and therefore I am your best advocate. When things go wrong, I am 1 of over 8,000 travel agents working for one of the largest host agencies in the U.S. We have fostered relationships and dedicated business management contacts with too many hotels, resorts, cruise lines, tour operators and more to count. They also know we all talk to each other and want to keep us happy.

#5 I participate in as much education as I can to ensure I am well versed in the supplier you will be using or the area you are travelling.

Let me plan your next vacation, whether near or far, so you can "SEE THE SIGHTS" of this great big beautiful world!

Go ahead and look around, find what you need and then contact me. The best time to reach me is in the evenings by cell phone or text at 267-517-1329.